Proof Of Ownership For Any Digital Content

Create and validate proof of ownership of digital content - "Ownership Token" - in few clicks without registration or any strings attached, all on this page! Uniqueness check, creation timestamp and public certificate are included as part of Ownership Token for your digital content.

What is Ownership Token?

Ownership Token proves ownership of some digital content. A digital content could be a tweet, a post on facebook, a blogpost, picture, video, or anything else which can be stored as a file on your computer. Firstly, the author of the digital content creates an ownership token for the content once it is created. Afterwards, the author can decide to transfer ownership to someone else.

How do I create or transfer Ownership Token?

The process of minting of Ownership Token is intentionally simple and straightforward, and can be completed entirely on this page. Firstly, you will need to generate "auth file", which is a unique cryptographic signature that will be used to sign digital content you wish to create ownership token for. Do not loose or share your auth file - it is a major part of proof of ownership for your content, and we do not store your auth file on our server. Then, once the content is created you can claim ownership of that content by calculating a checksum value of the content and entering it on this page. The checksum which will determine unique url where your ownership token certificate will live. You can also include a url where someone can find your content, so that anyone can verify that you are indeed are an owner of your content.

You can create and manage Ownership Tokens by following instructions below.

Step 1. Create or Load Auth File

Step 2. Mint Ownership Token

Provide your digital content below; It is not sent to the server - only its checksum to ensure that nobody created ownership token for your digital content yet. Submitting checksum creates a unique url for your Ownership Token. At this point it is safe to share your digital content publicly. You can finish creating Ownership Token by providing link to where your digital content can be found publicly, or to other relevant website.

Step 3. Manage your Ownership Tokens

Below you can view and edit your ownership tokens.